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MIE specialises in human performance monitoring instruments for use in bioengineering, ergonomics, sports sciences, medicine, physiotherapy and work diagnostics. We have a diverse range of hardware and software products and are able to manufacture special bespoke instruments if requested. With over 30 years of experience we have won numerous awards for our innovative designs & technology and we continue to develop products for the demanding needs of the serious scientist.


MIE Fit Quest

MIE FitQuest
a new concept in fitness measurement based on sports science and advanced measurement technology.

MT20 & DL20
MT20 & DL20

Small versatile 20 channel mobile telemery & data Logger.

DL8 Plus
DL8+ Data Logger

State of the art miniature multi-purpose medical grade data logger.

Gait Analysis
Gait Analysis

A unique and economical system providing instantaneous analysis of gait which can be used anywhere and requires no specialised operator training.

Pinch Grip
Digital Pinch/Grip Analyser

measures both hand grip finger 'key grip' pinch performance.
Digital Myometer

multi-force analyser for measuring the magnitude of isometric contractions of many muscle groups.

Leeds Dactylometer
Leeds Dactylometer

provides a means to measure psoriatic disease or other similar dermatological and rheumatological factors.

Clinical Goniometer
Clinical Goniometer
Designed specifically for use by rheumatologists, physiotherapists and general practitioners.

Optical Electrogoniometer
Optical Electrogoniometer

A comfortable, rugged, bipolar joint angle sensor that can
withstand a 2 meter drop onto concrete.

Force Plate Treadmill
Force Platforms

H-Wave Pain Management



Pro-Vec 6
Pro-vec 6

Myo-Dat 8
Myo-Dat 8
Clinical Analysis Software
CAS for Windows


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