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Cas for Windows

Clinical Analysis Software for MIE’s Digital Analyser Products

CAS for Windows

CAS is a powerful analysis package provided free of charge with MIE’s Digital Analyser family of products
(i.e. Digital Pinch/Grip Analyser, Digital Myometer, and Digital Multi Analyser).

CAS is very user friendly, guiding the clinician through the measuring process via a dedicated Wizard. The Wizard allows you to quickly search the database, which is limited only by the size of your computer hard drive.

Although the force is displayed on the digital display of the Analyser, CAS provides a much more detailed analysis of the forces or moments applied. It analyses Strength and Fatigue parameters for both the Pinch/Grip Analyser (in Newtons) and the Digital Myometer (in Newton-metres by inputting the distance between the joint and myometer strap). CAS also measures Endurance using real-time audio visual biofeedback.

Using CAS with MIE Digital Analysers

When CAS is used with the Pinch/Grip Analyser, it displays the force in Newtons, whereas when used with the Digital Myometer, it calculates the moment about the joint in Newton-metres by asking you to input the joint distance.
Pictured is a typical analysis for a single grip strength test. Graphical and numerical analysis include:

  • Maximum Grip Force
  • Grip Rate
  • Fatigue Rate
  • Actual Fatigue
  • Release Rate
  • Integrated Area

Similar results are provided for the myometer.
The default test length is 5 seconds, but can be easily changed during the set up process via the Wizard.


It is also possible to group a series of tests to determine the progress of disease or treatment over time. In this example, a subject has been tested once a week for 6 consecutive weeks.

Values for each parameter are displayed on the right of the results page, together with a linear regression line, indicating the overall trend of the 6 week period.

CAS includes a statistical analysis of the data to give instant access to important information.

The software also allows you to create groups, so that you can compare one group with another. All data can be automatically exported to Microsoft® Excel™ or to any other third party software package via ASCII format.


It is also possible to measure multiple sequential tests to measure fatigue. In this case, CAS provides real-time biofeedback to ensure repeatability and optimum user conformity. Audio and visual commands are available to prompt users when to start and finish contractions.

The software allows you to choose the duration of each contraction, the rest period and the number of contractions to be tested. The results are displayed graphically and numerically


To measure Endurance, the subject needs to perform 2 maximum contractions. The better of the two maximum contractions is used to perform the Endurance test.

The subject must then maintain 50% of their maximum contraction for as long as possible.

A real-time audio visual display indicates the target value to be maintained. CAS allows you to choose alternative target values other than the default 50%.


The results page indicates the time spent in the target range and the total test time. This shows how well the subject was able to keep within the target range.

The total area under the curve is the measure of Endurance.